jewelry care


  • Jewelry needs proper individual care. Store it in boxes with a soft lining or in separate bags to avoid damage.
  • Treat your jewelry with care, but not warmth: keep it away from sunlight, batteries, fire, or other sources of high temperature.


Cuffs with crystals cannot be compressed and deformed, as this leads to the loss of stones.

Keep your alloy jewelry away from moisture and heat. Protect your jewelry from fresh and seawater, perfume, deodorants, hair sprays. Wipe it gently with a thick soft cloth to remove fingerprints and polish it, if needed.

Sterling silver will tarnish with time and wear. Wash the item in warm soapy water and clean it with a soft cloth soaked with ammonia to remove the tarnish. After cleaning the jewelry, rinse it in clean water and dry it with a soft cloth.

Attention: this method is not suitable for blackened silver, aka oxidized silver.

Gently wipe your gold jewelry with a soft cloth (microfiber, flannel or suede) every time you take it off.

If needed, you can clean it in a soapy solution with ammonia (5-10 drops of alcohol to 1 glass of water ). Afterwards, rinse it in clean water and dry.

Take your jewelry pieces to a jeweler for a professional polish to achieve the mirror shine effect. Do not attempt to polish your jewelry on your own.

Use a thick soft cloth to wipe gems, semi-precious stones, and crystals to a shine. To remove fat and soap residue, clean them in warm water with a bit of soap or shampoo and a soft brush no more than once every six months. Rinse them in clean water and wipe with a soft dry cloth.

Although pearls come from the ocean, extended contact with water can make them loose their luster and turn muddy. To clean your pearls, wash them in a weak soapy solution, rinse properly in clean water, and let them air dry.

Attention: if you don’t wear pearls for a long time, they darken.

Don’t clean pearls with acids, alkalis, chlorine, detergents or cleaning agents. Creams, lotions and seawater also harm pearls.

Wash your pearls in cool water, adding a bit of ammonia. Use a soft brush and tooth powder to clean the enamel, do not forget to rinse pearls in clean water and wipe them with a soft cloth at the end.

Pearl enamel is easily harmed by hits and falls, direct sunlight and high temperatures — it fades and cracks.


Professional care matters — at least once a year. Jewelry requires jewelry cosmetics (buy it in jewelry stores) and a professional jeweler’s help.

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