Phenomenal Studio

Phenomenal Studio

Phenomenal Studio creates handmade jewelry that effortlessly complements any look and makes it truly unique.

“Creating jewelry is, first of all, a creative process. The perfect combination of crystal shapes, textures and colors emerges after several hours of contemplation and selection. To do this, we order all conceivable materials from suppliers, and then the magic begins. Like looking into a kaleidoscope, we attempt to combine crystals, pearls, stones, and metals, choosing only the combinations that bring aesthetic pleasure and semantic meaning.

Each of our pieces is the result of the handiwork of several professionals. Despite the huge number of parts and a large selection, we carefully control each stage of production.

There is nothing superfluous, but we 100% guarantee admiring glances.”

Phenomenal studio

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Phenomenal Studio grass earrings
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10% off your first order and inspiring mail

10% off your first order and inspiring mail

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